Dance Classes

Our dance classes cater for all standards, including a high standard of technical training for those who wish to pursue a professional career in dance.

Free Trial Dance Class

We are proud to offer a free, no obligation trial class to new students looking to enroll in dance.  Parents of new students are also welcome to watch the first class.

Dance-Play Dance Classes

Our Dance-Play Dance Class introduces the young dancer to the creativity and expressiveness of dance.  

These classes combine musicality, creativity, imagination, improvisation and graceful movement.  

Through skilfully designed activities and movement, children will learn basic ballet movements with age appropriate terminology and exercises while learning class etiquette and how to follow instructions.

Classical Ballet Dance Classes

We offer thorough training in Classical Ballet, using the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus.  Established in 1920 in the United Kingdom and in Australia in 1935, with over 13,000 members’ spread across 83 countries, the RAD is one of the largest and most influential dance education and training organisations in the world.  

The RAD supports the advancement of dance and is dedicated to promoting excellence in ballet training through teacher training and providing examinations to reward achievement.  The RAD helps and encourages its teachers to perfect their teaching skills and pass on this knowledge to their students.

All dance technique, style, poise and strength is derived from Classical Ballet.  Ballet technique develops clear articulation and beauty in the movement and carriage of the body, which in turn can assist with all other dance forms.  Ballet is the most disciplined the most expressive, and the most rewarding of all the art forms. It is well acknowledged that all the great dancers of the past and present gain their flair from strong classical training.

Jazz Dance Classes

Our Jazz Dance classes include a warm up, isolations of the body, conditioning, stretching, technique, and combinations.  The Bell-Rose Academy has developed its own style for Jazz Classes flavoured with differing styles of Broadway, Funk and Lyrical to heighten creativity, exploring various Jazz Techniques.  Our syllabus is energetic, working to achieve strength, flexibility and co-ordination and is danced to popular music.  We offer internal Exams for our Jazz Dancers, these examinations are encouraged as a fun and exciting event as we believe that Examinations help to stimulate concentration and effort, giving students a focus of working towards a goal, resulting in a great sense of achievement.

Southern Federation of Dance (SFD) Jazz Exams are offered to higher level student’s who maybe viewing a career in teaching or looking for that extra challenge.

Tap Dance Classes

Tap Dancers develop a sense of rhythm, timing and musical phrasing with the classes emphasising clarity of sound as well as training in combinations.  Examinations are available in Southern Federation of Dance (SFD) Syllabus.

Contemporary Dance Classes

Our Contemporary Dance classes focus on developing a strong kinaesthetic awareness through the exploration of rolling, contracting, releasing, falling and recovering.  Floor work progresses to standing, travelling and jumping with emphasis on moving easily and efficiently.  The Contemporary classes are performed to many different styles of music.