Dance Term Fees

Dance Term Fees are calculated on the amount of class time attended per student per week and are payable for the whole term in advance.  We offer very generous discounts for multiple classes.  The fee schedule is a descending scale – the more classes you take per week the cheaper the hourly rate.

Dance School Family Discount

A generous family discount of 20% applies for each additional child from the same family with the lesser fee being discounted.

Refund Policy for missed Dance classes

As overheads remain the same regardless of attendance, fees are non refundable for classes missed, or if your child does not complete the whole term. 

Make Up Dance Lessons

Students may where possible, make up classes missed due to absence through illness or holidays, by arrangement.

Late Payment Fee

A late payment fee of $10.00 will be applied to fees not paid before the due date as stated in our Term Newsletter.

Class DurationTerm Fees
¾ Hour$110
1 Hour$120
2 Hours$216
3 Hours$288
4 Hours$336
5 Hours$360